Hei-VAP³ Pro Industrial 24/7 High Boiling Package

Hei-VAP³ Pro Industrial 24/7 High Boiling Package

P/N: 518-11165-00

The package includes:

  • Hei-VAP Industrial large-scale rotary evaporator with base cart: With 20 l rotary flask and automatic bath refill for unattended and continuous use. The base cart makes the rotary evaporator easily accessible and movable all around and ensures an optimal working height.
  • Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro 24/7 Industrial automatic module with adapter suitable for the glassware: For the automated filling of the rotary flask and for overpressure drainage of condensate and residue.
  • Glassware to match your requirements - with single condenser, especially for high-boiling solvents

Also included:

  • Glassware R (without receiving flask and distributor): For efficient evaporation of high-boiling solvents such as xylene, DMF or DMSO.
  • With shut-off valve for operating the rotary evaporator as a reflux reactor. A condenser with ascending condensation (condensation surface: 0.6 m²).

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