Hei-FLOW Expert 120 Multi

Hei-FLOW Expert 120 Multi

P/N: 036150160

The pump drive of the model 120 of the Hei-FLOW Expert series can be operated with either single-channel or multi-channel pump heads. The flow rates with single-channel pump heads are in the range of 0.38 — 813 ml/min; with multi-channel pump heads from 0.005 — 329 ml/min.

By integrating an analog interface, it is possible to control all functions externally. In addition, an optional foot switch can be adapted to enable dosing by foot pressure. Hands thus remain free to perform other work, for example, to hold the tubing and the vessel.

A speed of 5 — 120 rpm with a control accuracy of ±3.5% guarantees optimum process results.

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Analogue interface

Analogue interface The analogue interface allows a control via voltage or current to modify the functions speed and direction of rotation or to start and stop the pump drive.

Control via foot switch

Control via foot switch Optionally, you can install a foot switch at the analogue interface. As a result, the pump drive can be started and stopped, and your hands always remain free. Ideal for filling substances in vessels or for frequently changing the latter.

Turbo button

Turbo button Just by pressing the button, you can achieve a short-term speed increase of the pump drive and thus also an increase of the conveying rate. This function is ideal for draining tubes or pumping residues out of vessels.

Technical Data

Hei-FLOW Expert 120 Multi

Hei-FLOW Expert 120 Multi