Hei-Mix S

Hei-Mix S

P/N: 036110460

Stirring up to 5 liters without heating

The Hei-Mix S stands out as the top choice for titrations and biochemical applications, such as managing a small fermenter. Its PVDF (thermoplastic fluoropolymer) footprint is white, allowing for precise tracking of color changes during operation. 

Constructed with a robust polyamide housing, the Hei-Mix S is built for continuous operation, accommodating stirring volumes of up to 5 liters. Its broad speed range of up to 2,200 rpm ensures quick yet gentle mixing, ensuring efficient work. 

Furthermore, its compact design saves valuable laboratory space, requiring just 126 x 80 x 140 mm of space with a footprint diameter of 104 mm.

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Space-Saving Design

Space-Saving Design A highly compact magnetic stirrer that delivers exceptional performance

Gentle Stirring

Gentle Stirring For gentle stirring tasks up to 5 l

White Top Plate

White Top Plate Allows an easy tracking of the color change during the application

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EU Declaration of conformity Hei-PLATE
Safety Guide Magnetic stirrer
Operating instructions Hei-MIX S