Hei-VAP Industrial B with glassware R

Hei-VAP Industrial B with glassware R

P/N: 036072050

  • Universal heating bath accommodates water or other bath fluids allowing for temperature settings up to 180 °C
  • Receiver cassettes protect against threat of glassware breakage
  • Comes as standard with integrated refill water system, spillover prevention and a release valve at the bottom
  • Optional Base Cart is fully-maneuverable with removable panels for storage of vacuum pump, glassware, solvents or accessories
  • Certification according to GMP available for this model: validation for installation (IQ) and operating qualification (OQ)
  • Large touch screen control panel with illuminated displays for all process parameters, programmable ramps

Features identical specifications as the Hei-VAP Industrial, but for limited budgets and comes without these safety aspects:

  • Metal frame and safety glass guard hood covering the bath
  • High-impact PMMA door covering the glassware assembly
  • High-impact PMMA latching doors which cover the receiving flask cassettes




Hei-VAP Industrial B model with glassware R - Recommended for all standard distillations

This glassware assembly includes one ascending condenser, one 20-l evaporating flask, one 10-l receiving flask


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Hei-VAP Industrial B with glassware R

Hei-VAP Industrial B with glassware R



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Operating instructions Hei-VAP Industrial
At-a-glance-Hei-VAP Industrial_EN.pdf
NRTL Certificate Hei-VAP Industrial
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